44 comments on “Ramming the Goat

  1. Bud, you hitting on every girl you could? not you!

    and ok, i’ll let you use fucktard – but you still owe me

  2. you lost your virginity to a goat…
    Only YOU could say that Bud and get away with it…

  3. When you say you hit on every girl you could…

    Did you, even then, use your pointing at yout trousers and saying ‘Here’s the good stuff’ line?

    Maybe that explains the goat…

  4. Allison,
    I think it’s closer to three. But I never let the truth interupt my point… 😉

  5. Joe-
    No I was not that sophisticated in high school. And for crying out loud: IT WAS A 16 YEAR OLD GIRL IN A COSTIME. Is this clear yet????

  6. I led such a sheltered life.
    Your high school days were much more interesting than mine. I never kissed a goat or even knew a Gongerling.

    Thank you for the card and concern and making me laugh with this hysterical post. Lots of people have contacted me and made me feel better. It will just take some time.


  7. I am consumed with curiosity … in what position did you lose your virginity. Doggie style seems to WRONG for goat. Intermingling of the species and all.

  8. I need to relax this afternoon.
    Came by for a laugh and you didn’t disappoint….Laughter IS the best medicine.

  9. Starr-
    High School? Wow. I thought marrying my college gfriend was retarded. When you are that young,you are that stupid. Ttuly…

  10. I have that whole sad back story with that if you recall. The love of my life I lost to drugs and alcohol? We all went to highschool together. I ended up married to his best friend (the high school marriage) and then to his cousin.

    Nothing Freudian there 😉

  11. Starr-
    You are correct. I do now remember the story. It’s a tad funky. You kept it in the family…

  12. Yet another reason to get the fuck out of this state. When your kid is the one that got aways COUSIN…shit I need a drink now 😛

  13. Starr-
    No problem. Barkeep, Smirnoff on the rocks. What’s that? Oh. No friot. Dom’t make it healthy. Cheers…

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