30 comments on “It is Usually Neccessary

  1. The nerve!
    And don’t forget that your blog has its own hot housekeeper. You can’t say that about just any ole’ blog.

  2. Mimi-
    The hot housekeeper, my neighbor’s wife… I provide a lot of imaginary people some damn interesting lives.

  3. You mean you’ve been lying to all of us. Some of this stuff is made up? You aren’t telling the truth? Bwhahahahahaha. I would hope the hell not. Made up people have such interesting lives. Have you noticed that.

    Have a terrific week Bud. 🙂

  4. And all of the answers given tonight is why I love this blog so much!! And of course the occasional fuck word doesn’t hurt every now and then, the casual sex, Jill Hennessey and You, the Twins…….

  5. We’re supposed to read it? All this time I just thought you had really big captions for the pictures. Anyway, it’s definitely fat free, indeed it reduces fat, what with all that energy I’ve had to expend laughing or the times it’s made me spill my drink (I do occasionally read the captions, it has to be said). Also, while the lack of advertising is appreciated, I’m sure you could get a sponsor, they’d just be asking you to endorse the competition, that’s all 😛

  6. Excellent top ten!

    But I think the #1 reason to read this blog….The WTIT drinking game. Get a group of friends, each go back and read a post, everytime Smirnoff is mentioned, take a shot. I figure after 5-10 posts everyone will be shitfaced. Good times until the vomiting starts. 😉

  7. Wait? No sponsors? I thought you were sponsored by match.com, Smirnoff, NBC (well before Jill went off the air), and most importantly Hot french Twins Inc.????

  8. Does this mean that the twins are somewhat threatened by Jill and don’t view her as a mother figure?

  9. I did have someone emailing me on AOL when I blogged there asking how I could be so disgusting(because I was not Christian) and asking how I got people to follow me(because I was not Christian
    ;-0). You get the idea. Anyway, there are people who will love you, hate you or be in between. That is life.

    The French twins? I am sure there is more of a story to that.
    I’m not sure I would pay you to endorse my business but then this is the first time I am reading you. You may be a lot worse than you appear. ~Mary

  10. That’s not true, I’ve learned stuff here…I just can’t recall what it is right now.
    Oh wait, I learned Paris Hilton did a BJ on tape and it made it to the internet!

  11. Gal-
    THey have no reason to be jealous. I don’t sleep with other twins. That’s as faithful as I get…

  12. Mary-
    Thanks for the story. This post is fairly typical case of my humor. I hope those Christians don’t start up with me!

  13. Who ARE these internet D-Bags out there that are being so snotty to my bloggy friends? I get no hatemail. How is that possible?!!

    And how can anyone deny the wonders of a fat free blog?

  14. Seriously, Smirnoff is missing quite the opportunity by not sponsoring your blog! You work in the alcohol industry, you should pitch them the idea!

    Oh, and thanks for keeping it fat free!

  15. Starr-
    Well, first of all, you probably don’t make up your hate mail. My guess is the blogger was from Rakistan…

  16. Yeah but but but….I am barely able to post on a daily basis. I am way too lazy for a fake letter writing campaign. I am just gonna post that puppies, rainbows and donuts suck. I woulda gone jesus on that last one but donuts just seems more hardcore.

  17. Starr-
    Do the donut. You always crack me up. I had the premise of thie top 10 but without the reason. So I found the reason. Not a lot of letters were exchanged. 😉

  18. Your blog rules! How dare they question you! They better not mess with you Bud….this hot-blooded Italian girl from New Jersey 😉 is on your side…LOL!

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