25 comments on “My Son the Rocker is Home

  1. Those are great pictures of you and your family. Have a great time with everyone!

    (P.S. Hope that record deal goes through for James and So Long Davey!) 🙂

  2. What fun! Good luck to James and his band – that is so cool and exciting!

    Aren’t family times just the best? I love get togethers like that.

  3. I think those are some great pictures and your son is quite the cutie! Congrats to him and his band for the meeting with the major record label! Pretty soon we’ll be able to go see them in concert!

    Your granddaughters are gorgeous!!

  4. Bud – the pictures are great! I’m so glad that you are all having such a great time! Your granddaughters are as beautiful as always.

    My fingers are crossed for James and the record deal!! I wish them the best of luck!

    Have a great time and “see you” when you are back.

  5. What fun!! and a perfectly good reason to be away from the blog!!!

    Your family looks like fun and those grand babies..too cute!!

  6. Your son is kinda hot… ok, not kinda. He just is.

    Hope you have a great week! Good luck to your hottie son.

  7. Beautiful fam!

    Happy 3rd B-Day!

    Thanks for stopping by. Be sure and come back and vote on my contest! IT’s craaaazy!

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