44 comments on “It’s Birthday 3 at WTIT

  1. Yes! Fucktardian…my new word! Do I have to pay any royalties for use of said word, or is it in public domain?

  2. #6 was funny.
    #10… well that’s just plain smart!

    Oh and Bud… Google really does send out cheques 😉

  3. Happy Blogoversary to you
    Happy Blogoversary to you
    Happy Blogoversary Dear WTIT: The Blog,
    Happy Blogoversary to you. 🙂

  4. Great answers, especially #2 (I was also disturbed by the shocking lack of capital letters in the questions but lacking your diplomatic skills was afraid to mention it).

    Happy Blogoversary.

  5. Happy Blogoversary Bud!! WOW – 3 years! I’m so happy to know you for one of them. My blogoversary is sometime this week too. Of course I will stick around while you do it…I’m afraid you are stuck with me 🙂

    #13…Awesome answer!

    I hope you enjoyed your time with James and Lauren and your other kids/grandkids.

  6. Be sure to thank James for setting up WTIT.net which led to this little corner of the blogosphere.
    Happy! (and I don’t mean the dog)

  7. HAPPY BLOGGOVERSARY MY FRIEND…and did not know the date…I do now..

    You are an important stop on my journey each day (or almost each day …)

  8. Loved your answer about your “goal.” It may be because I’m simple, but it made me laugh.

    Blogoversary … hmmm … isn’t he our former governor who ended up on Letterman?

  9. Gal-
    I am sick of goals. I’m too out there for that crap. And you are right about Governor Blogoversary…

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