26 comments on “Oral Sex and Powerball

  1. My ideal catch would be a non-drinker. Wow, she’s going to be a blast isn’t she. Bwhahahaha. They are single for a reason Bud.

    Have a terrific Friday and weekend. 🙂

  2. Oral sex and Powerball. Hrmm. I am pondering the tie in on that. Is it the elusive winning ticket and the elusive blowjob?

    OH Endangered Species! Fits the whole theme cause these women are seriously stooopid.

  3. Funny! You need your own TV show….!

    I think you should challenge your female readers to write an original (pretend) dating profile, just for grins and giggles….See who comes up with the best opening line….etc….

  4. If I won the Powerball I could BUY a genuine, fun, interesting man who is honest, playful, and affectionate…or maybe just some Smirnoff and invite one over. 😉

  5. I’m the not so girly type and not that so boyish type of a girl.

    Huh? Perhaps that was written by Thomas Beatie. Just saying….

  6. ‘My “ideal” match must be a non-drinker.’ To borrow from Jack Nicholson — whom, I suspect, would not be her ideal match — she’s going to need a lot of drinks to kill the bug she has up her ass.

    Love the title.

  7. Hahaha, I love dating profile headlines, those were the best part of online dating for me… Well, that and gaining a boyfriend who didn’t think my own headline sucked. 😐

  8. Non-drinker…guess Malibu is off that list too.

    The actual color purple or the Oprah movie? 😉

    Happy Friday Bud 🙂

  9. What the hell is Captive Insurance? And what about the hippie chick who loves the world with every fiber of her being?

    Pass me the Smirnoff…I need a swig.

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