20 comments on “Walking in Your Dreams

  1. Don’t most “simple” folks smile a lot? And what are those three things that last forever?

    Seriously, there is something wrong with these people!

  2. I can’t believe the woman quoted the Bible! “Love is patient” quote. How about a first date and take it from there?

    These people are hysterical.

  3. In a recent survey 90 percent of man question said that the ability to quote the bible was there number one “turn on” in a woman. The fact that all the men questioned were in an asylum was somewhat the explanation…

  4. OutKast Goddess? What the heck? Spelt like that one would assume you were doing Andre 3000’s sloppy seconds.

    This is why the kiddies should not try to be all dark and gothy. They fuck it up.

  5. Where to begin…

    outkast Goddess? Wha????

    Can’t stop talking when she gets to know you well?

    Candlelight? Glass of wine?

    …wasting your time reading my profile?

    Inner peace? Christianity?

    Ay yi yi! I need some vodka with a whiskey chaser after reading that shit.

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