22 comments on “Happy New Year 2009

  1. Shannon-
    I actually told her that I loved the picture and would love to use it but said I would not ask that. It’s her art. But, she insisted and was flattered. I still asked her to approve the final proof. She loved it!

  2. I’ve got to say, Bud, that I think that picture looks even better on the full blog than it did when you sent me the preview of the header – I think it’s the black background that really gives the cloud colors more pop!

    I really am flattered that you have used one of my pictures and am also quite flattered that you think I have a good eye. I’ve really enjoyed looking more at the sky and less at my feet recently!

    Best wishes for the happiest of New Year’s and may your heart’s desires be granted even if those desires only include the French twins!

  3. One of the clouds is wearing sunglasses (top right). It may be Stevie Wonder. And I think I saw an alien coming out of the bottom too, right above the I in WTIT…..or either it’s a chess piece. Do you see it? Maybe it’s a Knight! or a King! It could happen….

    Seriously, what a fun collaboration between bloggers. Linda’s photos are awesome. She is really onto something with this photography. Nice job, both of you!

  4. Linda-

    I thank you. My best bud, Harvey Wallbanger is a photographer. He has tried to get me interested in it. When he first saw my blog he thought my choice of photos was uncanny. He thought I’d be good.

    But I’m more of a critic like Roger Ebert. He knows a good film, but doesn’t make them. I am very good at picking awesome images, but have real real interest in taking them. But I do know talent.

    And you Linda, my friend, have got a TON of it. Thanks again!

  5. Mimi-
    I know a lot of people look at photos on a blog and say, “Nice shot” to be nice. I never patronize. If I don’t think an image is good, I say nothing. But each time Linda post photos I am VERY impressed. That she allowed me to alter the image and use it, was very generous!

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