22 comments on “Just Keeping People Thinking

  1. I’m glad all the blame for 2008 is attributable to Karen…I never liked her!

    (Sorry about that deleted comment – I was signed in under another family member’s name!)

  2. Susan-
    It’s gone. Yes! It was Karen’s fault and now it’s done. Unless of course 2009 is another KAREN year.

  3. That lady with the 21 children between 4 sisters. Good Lord can you imagine Thanksgiving and Christmas?

    Pass the Smirnoff.

  4. My uterus is aching just thinking about that one…

    HOWEVER, “None of us are perfect, but intent exists in each of our hearts.” This one is too deep for a profile. Just saying.

  5. No time for fake people? Hummm I have to deal with them everyday! If I could cut them out of the picture my days would be rather carefree.

  6. “I am (in alphabetical order): 1) Attractive: I have modeled for Giorgio Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alberta Ferretti and others. -Oh just fucking shoot me. No. Fucking shoot her. And no lady, I don’t care what #2 or the rest of it is.”

    Yeah cause it is going to take way to long to get to the D for douchebag.

  7. Starr-
    As I just wrote the rest of it was even worse. But I did not read as far as D, so you might be right!

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