23 comments on “A Matter of Taste and Choice

  1. I loved this one Bud. Yep, when you drink once a year it’s tough to remember what you had. Bwahahahaha. I bet this really happens more than we know.

    Thanks for the laughs. There are just dumb people everywhere.

    Have a great evening. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the moment of self-affirmation! I may as well do what I do because, clearly, the public is the same no matter what you do. Did you ask if she was, by chance, an electrical engineer?

  3. Hell with dessert, I can have Sangria for breakfast. Sangria is my Smirnoff. LOL!

    That lady kinda reminds me of the lady I dealt with who couldn’t understand the plane not having a first class cabin. UGH!! Gotta love retail.

  4. That’s like when I worked at a financial institution –

    Me answering the phone: “Hello, XXX Credit Union, how may I help you?”
    Customer: “If I fax you my paycheck, can you deposit it?”
    Me: “Ummm…no”

  5. I think over the years you might build up quite a rapport…

    In years to come you’ll look back together on the happy intro you had over narrowing down the wine…

  6. She clearly did not understand who she was dealing with. As my mother would say (ahem) “Good luck with that.”

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