32 comments on “It’s a Shitty Life

  1. Sweetie-
    I have no idea. But I’ve written comedy since I was 15. I actually just have a warped perspective…

  2. Bwahahahahahaha. #2 had me spewing my coffee all over the place.

    Note to self: Don’t drink anything while reading Buds posts.

    Have a terrific weekend. 🙂

  3. Wonderful Life and Holiday Inn are my two favorites. Technically Holiday Inn covers all holidays but it was the first to use White Christmas.

    Favorite Christmas carol would be Bing and Bowie doing Little Drummer Boy. I LOVE that.

    And call me weird but I love giving presents to people. I can barely accept a compliment let alone a present 😛

  4. Starr-
    I’m familar with Holiday Inn. After White Christmas became the best selling single of all time, they made the “White Christmas” movie. It was almost the same plot, but Bing starred with a couple of cast changes.

  5. Yup. I so prefer Holiday Inn. White Christmas is better known simply do to it sharing the songs title. But HI is a MUCH better movie =)

    Although I do love me some Danny Kaye.

    I am a movie geek too, btw 😛

  6. Starr-
    You are SO right that the original was better. I am not surprised that you love movies. I might have been if you didn’t! 😉

  7. I am actually a geek about a lot of things. Book obviously. Now that I am waiting for Rob Pattinson next non Twilight movie on Dali to come out I am reading Dali’s autobiography. Next up is Lorca’s. Surrealism is my favorite style of painting and Dali has long been a favorite. Had no *clue* he was a whack as he was though. Wowzers.

    Comics..yes I am a comic geek. I would give my left tit to go to ComicCon. Seriously.

    Beer!! Cause it’s yum.

    Movies are a seriously close second to books and music. And I love old movies =)

    And I am addicted to IMDB.

  8. Starr-
    I love surrealism as well. Dali reminds me of an artist who was popular when I went to college named Esher that I got into. Books were never my thing. Music is my first and last love. I enjoy film and TV as well. My favorite TV is Natgeo and MSNBC. And anything with Jill Hennessy. But please, keep your lefy tit…

  9. The movie looks to be pretty damn good. Focuses on his early life and I think goes up to Lorca’s death.

    Little Ashes

    Another artist I LOVE who is obviously influenced by Dali is Vladimir Kush.

    And if you think I would give up my left tit for Comic Con well lemme tell ya I’d give up the right for an orginal Kush!

  10. Good grief, I hate to think what happens every time a bell rings in the WTIT version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” – I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with an angel getting its wings, does it?!?

  11. Linda-
    No wings. No angels. In our version he runs into a pimp who tries to talk him out of jumping off the bridge. Unsuccessfully of course…

  12. I hate freezing my balls off too. ;)~

    So, I guess you’ll be too busy New Years Eve to come hang out with the Poptart? *pout*

  13. holy hell yer St. Budwick pic is a riot, lmao.
    I was picturing the Band and Bugle Corps playing music during an orgy, either way it’d be funny 🙂

  14. Oh that is too funny. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    So I was reading your blog and my hubby walked by. And saw the photo of the french twins. LOL. He’s asked me to send the link to your blog. I think you’ll have a new fan soon:)

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