15 comments on “Cook Books and Hot, Sweaty Sex

  1. She doesn’t sound like a lady with a great deal of self esteem…

    Kind of begging for it almost…

    But she does sem easy, so give it a shot 🙂

  2. It’s one woman?!

    Interesting… and disturbing.

    “And while bars and pubs are fun, I don’t seem to really connect with the men I sleep with from there.”

    That makes me burst out laughing EVERY SINGLE TIME I read it.

  3. Lizza-
    Thanks. I recently spent some money on it! (Dental issues…) And I almost looked for a less endowed woman. Then I thought, why?

  4. What would a girl have to do for one of those WTIT sweatshirts? 😉

    That chesty pic is painful to look at for some reason. The girl has to walk with a slouch. Has. To.

    I like your idea of how a first date should go. Just sayin’…

  5. “Beauty is as beauty does” is very much like “Stupid is as stupid does” which I does not understand anyway!

  6. HEY BUD!!! Three things…

    1) “i like someone who don’t cheat alot cos that’s what i hate most in men.”

    cheat ALOT versus cheating AT ALL? LOL

    2) Age, circumstances, distance are NOT important. You could be 25 or 55, live next door or 3000 miles away, a waitress or a millionaire…it makes no difference… I’ll know you are the one when we meet.

    Does she play both sides of the fence or just have a thing for waitresses? 😉

    3) The “chesty” picture…I would be scared of going in front of a cactus if I were her.

  7. Jodi-
    She thinks it’s okay if the just cheat during the holidays!

    Women, men she needs sex.

    The cactus is SO funny. Thanks!

  8. HAH…Stupid is as stupid does. I have much love for Forrest Gump.

    And that person was both fussy and illiterate. A true renaissance woman.

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