42 comments on “This Space for Rent

  1. I like Jack’s Man and Ludo. Jangly boy piano pop. Although I am on a hardcore muse kick lately. Forgot just what an awesome album Absolution is. They need to tour.

  2. Zodiac sign: Yield- good one! LOL I wonder if it was Quaaludes, Smirnoff or both when this meme was picked. Either way funny answers! Happy Sunday!

  3. Paula-
    Thanks. I cannot comment on your blog due to the new embedded blogger format. In fact a LOT of people can’t. Its got serious bugs…

  4. You’ve really got to work on this ‘getting caught by husbands’ thing. Unless it’s your way of breaking it off with the wife. HA!

    Mrs. Santa and I have the same outfit. Although, I don’t wear the hat. I look silly in hats. 😉

  5. You spank the monkey, Debbie plays the skinflute. I see a pattern here.

    “This meme sucks”…They can’t all be gems Bud 😉

    Thank you for making me laugh like always!!! Have a great Sunday!

  6. Great answers for a meme that appears to be done by a teenager. Just saying. Thanks for the laughs Bud. Have a great day. 🙂

  7. Why do I think you might have exaggarated some of the numbers listed?

    Doesn’t marrying the rich wodow conflict with some of your other answers?

  8. I need to smile and laugh and you have certainly done that, I like your style, funny and great stuff here 🙂

  9. Damn! I forgot to take part in the theft yesterday! I blame it on my cold. I love that you refer to your hair as “earthtone.” I may co-opt that. And does Dorothy still wear her hair in a wedge?

  10. You always give your height WITH heels

    And did they say cigarettes or was all smoking encompassed by that question?


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