38 comments on “You Say It’s Your Birthday


    Here's to a Happy Birthday filled with the French twins, Smirnoff, John Lennon music & all your bloggy friends.

    Is it me or does the chick in the last picture look like Po from last week's Sunday Stealing meme?

    Have a great day Bud ♥

  2. drunk on potato vodka – oh yeah!

    hey bud- have a great day! You deserve it. I’m drinking one for you right now….

  3. As you once said to me on the day I turned (cough cough) well…it was notable…“It’s only a nuuummmmbber.” so I say to you the same.
    Your serenade will arrive shortly.
    Be forewarned.

  4. oooh it’s your birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday.

    ok, my rendition of that song was uber-lame, but i hope your birthday wasn’t!

  5. “She didn’t discover the problem until she asked Wendy for a blow job.” ….dang Bud,you’re funny!

    Happy Birthday! Hope today brings you everything you dream of!

  6. I was looking for a reason to have a drink. Now I have it. Happy Birthday!!

    Now what should I toast your birthday with – a margarita or Coke and Jack or straight up vodka? Hell, I’ll just line ’em up. Sexy’s gonna be drunk before 1p.m. *grin*

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!

  7. Hmmmm…..I knew Scorpio’s were the astrology sign of extremes and intensity… I guess I should add “and shameless acts to get attention” to the list!

    Happy Birthday Bud!
    That’s one freakin big number 😀

  8. Fuck you? I don’t even send cards!

    But I will say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I might have remembered it even without the advertising.

    Fun post. My favorite: Mic Jagger once explained that he was hired so someone in the band would always look older than Keith Richards. The plan was exposed when Lonnie was asked whether he was Keith’s oldest son.

    Christ, Moms Mabley would have been too young.

  9. Happy Birthday. I was born shorty after H&R Block opened, I think, so I know exactly how you feel.

    By the way, how did you find the picture of McCain smiling?

  10. As someone who just turned 50 not that long ago, I share your enthusiasm for birthdays!

    Hope it was happy and the meme wasn’t that tough … or maybe your advancing years just made it seem like it?!?

    Happy Birthday and best wishes for many, many more!

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