24 comments on “The Breasts Edition

  1. The episode I saw of American Idol: Breasts Addition, this is what happened.

    Randy: Hey Dawg, those breasts are a little too pitchy for me.

    Paula: The first time I saw the breasts I like them, but the second time, man I didn’t like them…What do you mean she only showed them once?

    Simon: I’m appalled, I’ve seen better breasts on the Queen herself.

    Have a great day Bud!! LOL!

  2. Oh and Jodi-
    “The Breast Addition” is starting in the fall after “The Biggest Loser”. They’ve got to put that fat to use…

  3. Good thing you warned me about your #7 answer otherwise I you might have lost a reader.

    LOL Just kidding. Great funny answers as usual. Even #7. 🙂

  4. Only 2 hours at the The Lesbian Lifestyle: The Adult Toy Review? I thought you could last longer than that!

  5. Ahhh makes sense to me 🙂

    So do you need us fans to help you out with your triathlon practice for next year? I’m sure Debbie and I could work up some schedule as long as the Smirnoff was copious and the…hmmm I haven’t figured out what mine would be, will have to get back to you on that b4 I make a commitment.

  6. #7–So true. I live in the land of Daytona, and still don’t get it, round and round and round blah blah blah. Have a great Sunday 🙂

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