19 comments on “You Got Me

  1. First, thank you SO much for what you said about me, Bud you are a sweetheart. You truly deserve the award because you are one of the most creative (and funny) people I know. Blogland is a better place because you are a part of it.

    James’ guitar playing is AWESOME. He is SO talented Bud. (And he is a cutie…had to add that in). The video is very good, very creative and is very professional. I can see that on MTV. I love the lightning effects they had and the whole thing being in black and white. I was waiting and waiting though for David to spit out the rose petals..LOL!

  2. Jodi-
    You are welcome. James does wail on the guitar. I hope David didn’t eat the poison pedals and die! 😉

  3. Oh for Heaven’s sakes. I have no idea where you stand on anything. You’re so wishy-washy. PLEASE for the love of God won’t you tell us what you really think??

    (You’re welcome. James rocks.)

  4. The video – i’m not into music videos anymore – too crazy for me (yeah i’m strange) i still prefer the stupid “you might think” by the cars kind of videos. BUT
    BUT The song is great! I really liked it.
    congrats on the award!!!!!

  5. I got an Obama sign on my blog, and I’m not even American…:)

    I actually posted on why I want him to win.

  6. Laughing….hello/goodbye…is that better? I realize I was brief but I was late! Hope you weren’t.

  7. Hey hey! Thanks for posting, Bud! We greatly appreciate it 🙂

    This is my sole opinion of music now and not of one of the entire band (though, perhaps they do agree, I’m not sure):

    The music industry is changing sooooo much. We don’t even know exactly what to and the truth is no one does. It seems the days of Whitney Houston ballads are over and hip hop songs make it to number 1 but nobody buys the record. What do music buyers want? Quality music, obviously, but that’s sooo objective. As musicians, entertainers, we constantly receive criticism and are open to it and I think that’s where music is going.

    Hey, I’d give out 100,000 CD’s out for free as long as people would pay $15 to see us play live in their city (a lot of people like the live performance more anyway, I know I do).

    Video helps with this discussion. We tell people to “listen to our new song” and they usually don’t unless they’ve heard of us before. But if you tell people to watch a video, you will have 3X a better chance of getting reached. I have no idea why. Maybe because most everyone wasn’t alive before the television was a household item and therefore it is the most prefered method of media intake?

    With that said, we hadn’t made a video before because they are expensive, time comsuming, and something we didn’t completely believe would get our music out to the masses. But we found out that it does work. People are watching and commenting and I’d say we’re getting a far better response than originally expected.

    Anyway, it’s a progress for us and I wanted to write this to you all and say it is humbling and honorable that you would click the play button on the flash player. That to us means the interest in music isn’t dying, but it’s transforming.

    And, not to panhandle, but if you have a few bux on the credit card ($3.96 to be exact), please download our EP on iTunes, Amazon, Zune or Napster. Every little bit helps us out TREMENDOUSLY 🙂
    Download Keyword: So Long Davey!


    PS: I did eat the rose pedals and I did die. rawR!

  8. You know I have expressed most of the same ideas you did here regarding the election…YUP ..totally agree…

    I have also stopped putting my card up around the bloggosphere and have decided to stop taking cards…As soon as those scheduled run out, I am outta Entrecard…

    I need to watch the video at another time…but I have liked what I have heard so far…

    HEY where are they playing in Vegas? I am out there next week….email me dude.

  9. David (FYI: David is the singer and front man for So Long Davey! which is the band my son James is in.)Thanks for checking in. I’m going to put the video in my sidebar. How you guys produced that video for what it cost is bewildering!

  10. Vinny-
    The tour hit Vegas in the summer. They played The Beatles’ Revolution Lounge at the Mirage. Right now there gigs are in Calfornia. But thanks!

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