14 comments on “The Longest Date

  1. Awww, but maybe you were a fond memory for her?

    Those bittersweet days…

    Actually, I think us blokes we were pretty awful at that age. We weren’t remotely interested in the inner persona, just the interior of their underwear.

    If only one could go back and do it all again…

  2. CBI-
    I can not imagine that was a fond memory for her. Nor a great first date ever. And yes I’d go back too…

  3. I want to hear more about the brother! LMAO That had to be the best part of the whole night!

    Speaking of the night… how’d the rest of the night go after you brought her home?

  4. I totally rememebr this from the first time you posted it and it is a scary, weird and FUNNY as it was then.

  5. Kittilicious-
    I did not find the brother that amusing at the time. But I was so young. And I have no recollection of how the party was. Isn’t that weird? I can only remember the bad part!

  6. Are you sure that she didn't go to school at my "all girls Catholic" high school? LOL!

    Too funny Bud. At least you respected her decisions and brought her home. But that is 45 minutes that you never got back huh?

    Happy Wednesday & Happy October !

  7. (Laughing) That was good~ Funny and interesting…:))

    Happy October~



    P.S.~ I love your new picture and header~ 🙂

  8. Diane (and her brother) make for a classic Bud post. Wonder what happened to her and if she ever learned to date..

  9. I just get all tingly with excitement looking forward to 2013 when I move and begin the whole dating thing all over again.

    Unless I decide to become a nun 😛

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