19 comments on “Are We Funny Yet?

  1. I think it can be culturally conditioned too.
    Different cultures relate to different types of humour.

    Take the differing sucessess of US comedies over here. Friends was popular, but Seinfeld, which I understand was very big in the US, we never quite got.

    In the same way, the US liked The Office, but never got things like Blackadder and was totally bemused by Bottom, one of the most popular UK comedies ever.

  2. CBI-
    You make an good point. My aunt called to tell me about a great show, I watched it and hated it. Two days later in won an Emmy. Go figure…

  3. I can watch Adam Sandler…Jim Carey is not my favorite…As far as comedy I think Robin Williams is the king of our generation…

    “Maybe he can straighten her out” bwahahahahahahahahahaa

    When are you going to start selling your tapes?

  4. I'm SORRY Bud, I had to delete my first comment. I had too many spelling errors..one actually was very comical…but embarrassing. LOL!

    Here is my post fixed:
    Bud – How do you feel about Dean Martin's Variety show? Do you like that kind of comedy? My hubby and I bought all of the Variety shows that Greg Garrison put out…along with the Roasts. I know Dean did alot of physical comedy in it.

    I love Dean Martin. I do also have to admit I love Adam Sandler & Jim Carrey too. I guess it depends what kind of mood you are in and what you want to watch. I can sit there and love Dean's variety show (and that voice!!!! and so handsome to boot) And I digress, LOL! I can also sit there and watch Jim Carrey be a complete lunatic in "Liar Liar" just because sometimes you just need "stupid funny". You know what I mean?

  5. Vinny-
    It’s a funny question. Considering the sheer volume of them and the “no holds barred” conversations that we have had since age 15, it would require a lot of both listening and editing. I think that while they have some value (listen to a group of friends discuss their lives for 40 + years) I am not sure it would be all that facinating. But I don’t know…

  6. Jodi-
    I do know what you mean. Carey is talented and versatile. He relies on physical humor a lot and that is where I lose him. But I see he’s gifted. I loved Dean Martin and particularly the “Roasts”…

  7. I’ve never enjoyed slapstick either… I’m more partial to sarcasm.. but hey that’s just me!
    I agree humor is a relative thing.

  8. I think our senses of humor can change over time as well. And mood can have a lot to do with it too. I find that the things that are truly funny to me are the things that can snap me out of any kind of funk and make me laugh, and feel better.

  9. Ayaah, it’s commonly known, there, Bud, that the very first comedies were written on cave walls by the aborigines in Papua New Guinea who were held prisoner for poor dramatic performance in their…well, aboriginal dramas.

    Now, being locked up after a long performance–performances were known to last three or four days, as the schedule was yet to be invented–they were tired. So they sat and wrote mean things on the walls about their critics/jailers. And, uh, hence the origin of the word sat-tired, which we now enjoy as a form of entertainment.

    Now, it’s fairly clear to the average astute observationalizer, that Adam Sandler and Jerry Lewis are related, accounting for the, uh, similarity in their comedic approach, which is basically, show up someplace where there’s filming and hang around.

    Sandler, however, is nobody’s sidekick. That role and the term were invented by Jerry Lewis for the number of times Deano tripped over him drunk.

    And, uh, if there’s anything else you’d like to know about what’s funny, you should probably ask Harvey Wallbanger. DAMN THAT GUY IS FUNNY.

  10. Billy: You gotta help me, you gotta help me, my wife thinks she is a birthday card!
    Bud: Why Don’t You Send Her to a Psychiatrist?
    Billy: Why? He never sent me one.


    I agree, different strokes for different folks. Both Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler have made me laugh big time. But then, I enjoy subtler comedy a lot too.

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