26 comments on “Flying Through the Air

  1. I sincerely hope the tattoo lady was wearing a …a….what IS that?
    That is a chastity belt…right…Bud?…isn’t it?

  2. OMG..I am in tears laughing! Now I know how the circus keeps going,valiums,ludes and insanity.Hey,I’d fit right in! Thanks for the giggles!

    Since you say you are 256,you was still multi centuries old swinging from trapeze to trapeze back in 89-91…impressive! I hope I can get around that well at 200 + years old! 😉

  3. oh my!!! nothing boring about that job! The next time I say I’m running away with the circus, I’ll think twice…LOL
    Have a swinging good weekend!

  4. What’s everybody’s problem with someone leaving a pet in their bed? I’ll be very happy if all of you chip in and leave Miss August.

    Or Miss September. Or Miss February of ’62. Wait, she’d be sixty. Oh, what the hell. Leave her. But throw in the current Miss Cinco de Mayo. If Bud can have two French girls, I should be allowed a senior/south o’ the border tres-some.

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