24 comments on “Call for Mike Hunt!

  1. Watch out where the Huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow!

    Dammit, now I am gonna have Duke of Prunes stuck in my brain. I will be back tomorrow to do this one!

  2. The Yankees are awesome Bud…I knew I liked you! 🙂

    Is Mike Hunt friends with Dick Hertz? I’ve been at a bar when one of those phone calls came in. It never gets old.

  3. yeah the red sox rule – but hey, if you know Mike Hunt then you can’t be all that bad….

  4. Bonnie Raitt? I think you’ve definately gotten the most entertaining and interesting stolen Sunday meme.

  5. Jodi-
    You are right. Stupid old jokes and still funny. The Yanks were overdue for this season…

  6. I love what Judd has done with the launch of this syndicated feature. You nailed this one. Typical Bud Weiser here and it’s funny as heck. I will do mine later today. It’s a great first meme for a great start.
    You brought your A game today.

    Congratulations!!!! A toast to Sunday Stealing The Meme. Pouring Smirnoff, I’ll have Godiva please….

  7. Mimi-
    Thanks alot. Our boy Judd comes through again. I’m glad he brought his “A game” too. Drinks on the house!

  8. Dawn-
    Thanks! We were lucky. I wanted the first week of the feature in syndication to be a bit unique, and this meme was…

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