24 comments on “The Lust Factor

  1. Bud – You say I’m clever…OMG!

    “I get enough exercise by just pushing my luck”

    I have never heard that before, is that a “Bud Original”? If so, may I borrow it? Too funny!

    Also, about my honesty. Your honesty shined through also.

    “I’m more interested in the next time, if I can be totally frank here.”

    I like that.

  2. Hi Jodi-
    Of course you may borrow the quote. It was shared with me by my daughter who thought it sounded like me. I’ve used it ever since. And yes, the next time will be nice…

  3. In PA, you buy alcohol at “state stores”. Quite a change from Illinois where there is alcohol in the grocery store and they just close that section on Sundays!

    Of course, since I don’t drink, I go in about once every 10 years to buy a new bottle of sake for my chicken teriyaki.

  4. When I travel to other parts of the country and I ask where’s the package store, I get blank looks.
    I guess that never had “Blue Laws”.

  5. Diana-
    I saw one in Atlanta visiting my friend. I said, “I didn’t think they called them that here.” “They don’t” he replied. “The guy moved here from New England who owns it..”

  6. Shannon-
    A drive through liquor store, for those who need a drink so quickly they won’t get out of the car…

  7. Starr-
    A friend recently turned me on to them. I don’t cook and he asked why I wasted money on delivery all the time. From the first one I was hooked…

  8. I never could figure out why they call them package stores here. “I’m going down to the packy” eh – whatever.
    next time you’re up this way, give me a shout – I am low on Smirnoff!

  9. Debbie-
    I think it happened during prohibition. A liquor store was against the law. So they were selling “packages”…

  10. Here in Oklahoma, they’re just called liquor stores. I’ve never seen a “package” store. 🙂

    Happy Saturday!

  11. Love your wit! Just stopping by to check out the saturday nine, and I think I’m going to have to read you more often!

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