8 comments on “The Night Johnnie Became "Mom"

  1. Yeah, but did Johnnie like being called Mom? Well, at least you guys didn’t get into any serious trouble. Thanks to Johnnie. Have a great evening Bud. 🙂

  2. The dichotomy of someone named Johnny Walker….did y’all end up with drunk baby syndrome?

  3. Sandee-
    He hated it. But we are still friends. BUt I haven’t called him “Mom” since the mid-79’s!

  4. Starr-
    I started the mess choosing Bud Weiser. We once had a Sam Buca, a Captain Morgan, Rock Rolling and on it went. In high school we had a lot of cigarettes too. Like Chester Fields and Bull Durham. Bull was this short small kid who LOVED being called bull…

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