18 comments on “Life Got in the Way

  1. I just realized I read all your Sat 9 answers and no music was playing–what’s up with that?

    Great answers–I also admire Morgan Freeman and placed MASH as a favorite.

    Til next week…

  2. My dad and I used to watch MASH reruns every night when I was in high school. Loved that show too!

  3. My friend Amina was one of the editors for Hopkins, so I watched the first episode because of that. It’s a great summer series! I hope they do another one, it’s really different from the usual medical documentaries where they focus exclusively on the patients and their conditions.

  4. Yes we do!! Counting Crows too. I couldn’t remember any of my favorite bands but C.C. is definately second. Have a great weekend.

  5. Fish Around-

    Adam writes great songs from his heart about the woman who seem to keep leaving him behind. Great Band!

  6. What a coincidence! I’m working on a movie script too. It’s called “Drowning The Crown”……No sequel is expected.

  7. Sandee-
    We are twins of different mothers, at times. Casablanca, a perfect film. M*A*S*H was at times perfect…

  8. Morgan Freeman is a wonderful actor…whnever he is in a film I know it will be good. :0)

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