10 comments on “Tim Russert Will Be Missed

  1. A sad day for all. I think “strong voice” is the best way to describe him. Thank you for letting me know and posting this. He was so very very young. Makes one think.

  2. He was a giant. Since the days of Huntley & Brinkley I’ve watched NBC News. He was as good as a journalists gets…

  3. When this news popped up on my computer at first I thought I was reading it wrong as I thought – “No, they don’t mean Tim Russert” but sadly, they did.

    He was a news journalist that I trusted and respected and NBC is definitely going to miss him, as is the rest of the country.

    Only 58 years old – how very sad, how very sad.

  4. Mr. Russet was one who I always enjoyed.. I will miss his commentary a great deal..and will keep his book in a special place..

  5. Kwiz-
    I could not agree more. How can we watch the finish line without Russert explaining what is happening???

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