13 comments on “I Couldn’t Sing ‘Happy Birthday’

  1. It seems like everyone but me got to go to the beach on Senior Skip Day! LOL Such is life.

  2. No beaches in Oklahoma… oh well.

    You are crazy! That’s okay, your answers were fun!

    Happy Saturday.

  3. Shannon-
    We didn’t have a senior skip day either. The story I told was what happened the day after my prom at the beach…

  4. Great answers! Oh, and we didn’t eat in the cafeteria. 😉 We had open campus. Have a great weekend!

  5. Kristle-

    It is an age thing. In my day we walked 5 miles barefoot uphill both ways to school in the snow…

  6. I doubt Miss Shell would have passed out had you been singing Pomp and Circumstance. With your propensity for changing words in a song to suit your mood, it would have been outrageous.

    Wait. I don’t think one can sing P&C.


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