17 comments on “David Cook Wins American Idol 7 in 2008!

  1. My Mom, and well…actually I guess a lot of people are watching American Idol this year. But, I’m going to have to risk revealing my uncoolness and admit I haven’t watched it at all. I know, I know…it’s bad. I liked it when I did watch it one year, but I haven’t start watching it this year and now it’s too late…

    Anyway, I stopped to let you know that I nominated you for the Arte y Pico Award. I’m working on the post right this minute, so the post isn’t up yet, but it will be in the morning~ So congrats, you deserve it`

    Cheers~ Ann

  2. Taylor was not seen all season while they did have baldy and the screecher on during other episodes…

    It appears they have divorced themselves from him…

    I thought we got it right that year too..but we disagree…

    Carrie was superb last night…Cook with ZZ rocked

  3. Vin-

    I only saw Taylor in one clip this year. They do seem to have a problem staying on good terms with previous winners…

  4. Mims-

    I didn’t call it. I rooted for Cook but predicted Archuleta. I’m glad I was wrong!

  5. I’m not a fan of American Idol but I do know if you like a contestant you NEVER want them to win. It’s like a death sentence on their career. If you want them to have a shot at a decent career you root for them to be in the top ten atleast, then voted off. Very wierd.

  6. Amber-

    That sounds a tad supersticious. That just is not my way. I don’t believe ever “things are meant to be” or winning or losing Idol will effect a carreer. It seems they top ten have a lot of sucess stories every year…

  7. Bud – Code in your mailbox. I hope it works this time. You weren’t the only one having problems with this today. I hope I’ve fixed the problem now. And thank you very much.

    And yes, I do think they should bring back previous contestants more. I would love to hear the female rocker (with the striped hair, remember?) who looked like Elvis reincarnated….sing again.
    And Katherine McPhee, etc.
    David Cook, however, is the real deal. Reminiscent of Daughtery’s spirit and rock style.

    ‘Nuff showbiz. Back to code now…


  8. Amanda and I used to watch AI together but we lost interest somewhere in the middle of last season and neither one of us watched an entire show at all this go-round. If it weren’t for Travis’ blog, I’d probably know virtually nothing about it at all! He was pushing for David Cook right from the get-go and I can see why – I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from this young man in the future. Good choice, America!

  9. Linda-

    It’s hard to believe the kid was a career bartender and tried out only because his brother did…

  10. Travis-

    We were on the same page on this one. David Cook, with the right songs and producer, should have a HUGE career!

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