8 comments on “The Boys Are Back in Town

  1. Ya know I hated Daughtry… he was as boring to me as Archuletta is

    Cook has something different and has proven he can mix it up …Daughtry never did – it all sounded the same

    besides I LOVE Hicks

  2. I’m so glad the two Davids will battle it out. They are as different as night and day. I want Cook to win as he is already such a seasoned performer. America did get it right last night.

  3. Vinny-
    That’s why there’s vanilla & chocolate ice cream. I never understood the Hicks thing. So I guess we are even…

  4. Mimi-

    And they all will make millions. Seisha is way too talented not to make a living at it. But Fantasia… what was that??

  5. I wondered what Sara’s background inspiration was for writing that song, thank you for the information and I still think it’s a great little song. Very catchy, indeed!

    As for AI and the Battle of the Davids, if it weren’t for Travis I’d know zip about this season as I was just never inspired enough to watch. But, I’ve always like Daughtry so we’ll see who comes out on top with him.

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