6 comments on “Important is a Relative Word

  1. Another nice history lesson. You are right though. We come, we go. You’ve hung in a very long time. Have a great day Bud. 🙂

  2. ah crap…we would miss you and you know…since you are on Double Secret Probation for the “Cool Guys Club” you are tethered to the blog for that time.

  3. Sandee-
    Thanks. I never thought more people than friends and family would ever know about WTIT…

  4. Pssst! Vinny! What is double secret probation? I know nothing of this Cool Guys Club. Hmmphff. That’s probably just a name for another double secret agency or something equally mysterious.

    I know! Is that why Bud numbered the tapes like that? I knew it!

    Pssst!Vinny! Don’t tell Bud I was here. It’s a secret.

  5. It might or might not be important, but one thing it certainly is…is cool.

    Hang on…somebody please tell me that Mimi did not just ask what is double secret probation.

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