6 comments on “Looking at Naked Photos

  1. I told you you’d get naked photos. But did you listen to me? No.
    So, now you have naked photos.
    Aren’t you glad you didn’t listen to me?

  2. LMAO!!
    You got naked photos?
    I can’t believe you got naked photos.

    Mimi… is he serious? Did he get naked photos?

  3. Hi Bud,

    Glad you liked my Manic Monday post; it’s quite a compliment when someone who has worked in radio (tape or otherwise) for as many years as you have says he learned something from a music post I wrote.

    Most definitely looking forward to meeting you the next time Mimi manages to get back up this way. Hopefully that will be soon and the unpredictable New England weather finally cooperates!

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