14 comments on “Go Tattoo Yourself

  1. One good blogger friend of mine has lots of tattoos of various animals – he has a virtual zoo on his body. His posts are mostly crazy (papersurfer.co.uk) – maybe it’s the effect of all that ink on his body.

    I’d like to get a tattoo but I’m too chickenshit to do it.

    I enjoy reading your memes, Bud!

  2. I actually have two tattoos but neither one of them are very visible very often. I got them for me and not for anyone else so if no one else sees them, I’m good with that.

    My ex-husband always said I’d have a tattoo over his dead body. Well, he isn’t dead (darn the luck!) but I have the tattoos so I guess you can see how much attention I paid to him!

  3. It was so nice of Sam to do this…and she has such interesting questions..(LOL)

    I will most definitely return next Saturday. Great meme Bud~


  4. No tattoos. Not in a million years.
    I don’t care if others wear them but it’s not for me. It’s painful!

  5. Dawn-
    I an lucky I have the butt for it…

    I have every episode on tape or DVD…

    You should have tattooed him as he slept back in the day…

    Sam is lovely and almost coherant…

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