15 comments on “Send Her Cash for Destiny’s Sake

  1. Bwahahahahahaha. I get these all the time too. Always some gal with that broken English looking for a good time. How they mistake me for a man is a mystery to me. Well, perhaps they don’t.

    So you don’t want relations wth Lena? Bwahahahahahaha. Have a great day Bud. 🙂

  2. I don’t get technorati either… in fact I’ve given up trying to figure it out. Last week my ranking was 218. Today it’s 158. Did I miss something?

  3. You almost had that contest up long enough for me to send a (tasteful) nude photo. Too bad for you and the blogosphere at large that you caved to pressure before I could transmit…

  4. Anndi-

    There is still a contest. We’re a bit short still on contestants, but we’ve not given up…

  5. I actually did the “unthinkable” last night and fired off a response to a similar stupid email like this telling whoever wrote it to kindly get a life and stop bugging decent hard-working people with their scams that we incredibly see-through. Well, I might not have worded it exactly that way but close!

  6. While doing match.com, I got one from a woman whose profile said she lived in Dallas, TX..the grammar was horrible, but I figured…’hell she lives in Texas’…

    Wrote her back…nope she lives somewhere in the Ukraine and when i told her I was not interested I received a diatribe telling me I was playing with her heart and how could i be so cruel…

    ummm… PSYCHO-BITCH warning!

  7. Linda-
    You can’t win with these scams.

    I think most are foreign women seeking US residency. It is understandable but sad.

    Yes I have…

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