19 comments on “The Totally Naked Female Photo Soirée

  1. Bwahahahahahaha. You are a riot Bud. My hot body left many years ago. This is an awesome contest for you to look at what you like to look at best. Have a great day. 🙂

  2. I’m speechless.

    But here’s an idea. If you charge guys to help you judge the contest, you might recover the osts of the prizes. I’ll bet you’d get lots of volunteers…

    Now I’m back to speechless.

  3. Turnbaby does have a lovely cleavage, doesn’t she?

    Your contest is priceless. Giggling at the thought of what your mailbox might contain!

  4. Sandee-

    I’m just of the mindeset you could lose a cleavage contest and still have a great body. I think…

    You being speechless? OMG.

    Just send those photos under your matress from 20 years ago…

    I am all a quiver as to my email…

  5. A $5 gift certificate to the Exxon/Mobil? Wow, you sure know how to bowl people over with the potential prizes, don’t you?

    I’m having some problems believing Mimi is speechless, too. She must have fallen asleep for that to happen!

  6. I am going to the workout room to get all pumped up… and shave. A bearded guy probably has no chance … right??

  7. Linda-
    A gallon of gas isn’t enough? Whoa, baby. Got it.

    Our prayers are with you.

    Probably not, but we sure as shit aprreciate the effort!

  8. I quite like the cleavage picture, thanks. We seemingly share that fondness. If anyone is stupid enough to send you their cleavage shot, can I help you review?

  9. Uhm… okay… I´ll have to pass on this contest… for the second time in my life the boobs are smaller than the belly. *sigh*

    But I dedicated Bud-Weis-Er to you… although my hot body is not part of that photo. TG! *grin*

  10. If you happen to need additional prizes for the contest, I will make a drawing of the winner. But instead of drawing from a photo a live webcam feed will add insiration to the drawing. Of course, that’s if the winner is of the female persuation. If the winner does happen to be male, I’ll just draw from the cover of any teen magazine. That way the guys can tell their significant others, “See, I told you I’m just as fit as I was in college.”


  11. Oh, for the ladies the webcam drawing offer is open for any contestant or non-conestant, or sponsor, or anyone that works for any company or their subsidiaries beit adverizing or otherwize, are also eligible.

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