11 comments on “Sex as a Weapon

  1. Great song choices Bud and informative as usual. I always thought Jenny’s number was 867-5309.. or is that a typo?

  2. Bud, McCain hasn’t a snowballs chance of winning in November. I’m for Obama too. You know we are still in Japan and many other places around the world. It’s just what happens. Have a great day Bud. 🙂

  3. Hi Dawn-
    Of course. Even as a typo I think I must be brain dead. Thanks, I’ve corrected it!

  4. Sandee-
    Yes I agree that McCain is a sacrificial lamb and Hillary is too divisive. And if McCain meant “like Japan” it was not clear to me. So maybe my bad? I don’t know. We have too many troups spread way too thin…

  5. We have troops in Germany, Cuba, Japan, Korea, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Pakistan…….

    That being said I just don’t want any more men and women to die just so GW could say his dick is bigger than his Dad’s.

    Sorry to take it to such a base level but geez–I can’t see any other justification. It’s big oil and big business and anyone missing that just doesn’t want to see.

    On a lighter note

    I love Tainted Love–I really like the ‘mix’ version that was popular here that you don’t get now—They did it with “Where Did Our Love Go” –I have it on vinyl somewhere.

    And Jenny was a song we did in the last band I was in where I actually got paid. The funny thing is that very close to where I grew up was Ironton Ohio. their prefix was 867 and the poor soul with that number got a LOT of calls before changing it.

  6. Great song choices, Bud! tainted Love is one of my favorite songs – that´s why it plays a role on my today´s Top 50 post =)

  7. TB-
    Where Did Our Love Go was the original side B of the single. Which was silly since they got no song royalties for either song. I’ve read about but not heard the 9 minute mix to which you refer.

  8. I was never a Benatar fan but loved Steppenwolf. Go figure. You know I love this feature. Great job, as always.

  9. I first heard Gloria Jones’ version of “Tainted Love” when I bought the boxed set “Beg, Scream, and Shout: A Big Ole Box of 60s Soul”. If you are a fan of the genre, I highly recommend it.

    I love “Ohio” by CSNY!! I almost played it on my show last night (Since I had played it before, I went with “Teach Your Children” instead). You made a damn good point about why this country isn’t in as much turmoil as it was during the Vietnam War era.

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