11 comments on “On Second Thought…

  1. You just do what you want to do Bud. After this is your blog. Thanks for the kind words from you and Mimi too. She has me down pretty well. I love you both and that’s just that. People in my buddy list are there because I love them and value their friendship. Plain and simple. Have a great day. 🙂

  2. Tell Mimi, I will begin reading from the middle out at some point later this year, as to do so before that could mis-align the planets and cause the utmost of dire circumstances…

  3. Sandee-
    It is very much a mutual feeling.

    Do not cause a universal blow-up. Mimi will survive this…

  4. Dialogue is always good and we’ve certainly had some here on this issue. I didn’t mean to take up your entire comment space but I do thank you for taking my comments seriously.

    And I have yet to see an award from the Couch man, therefore, I have placed him alphabetically at the bottom of my blogroll in an upside down B position as it were (he may never be found again)– and I’m starting to visit from the top. That should put me at The Couch around summertime if not before. So much for friendship!

    As soon as he answers my Message In a Bottle tag I’ll consider bumping him up and getting him out of the dungeon. Tag dodger!

    Great post. Have a nice day, Bud.

  5. Mimi-

    You wrote a terrific response to my pontification. It is neat to every now and then rant: And have everyone get into it by sharing their opinion. You knew it had been boiling in me for a while, so your insight is valuable. You did not break my comment box. However I do have books standing up something here. The ivy?

  6. Wow. Don’t read posts for a few days and miss an entire serious dialog over here where I expect to usually find snarky comments and naked women! I rather feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and now have to go to some sort of mad tea party!

    Great post and great exchange, though, on a topic that I tend to hold my tongue on, too. Well done to everyone!!

  7. Linda-
    Yes, I still have that occassional not decidedly male rants left in me. And thanks. I wanted to have a dialogue about the subject and it was so interesting that everyone had an opinion.

  8. Books…ivy….what is this? lol.
    Maybe one day I’ll let you tell that story.

    Or not.

  9. Ah, Mimi, ‘fess up. Our friends could use a good story… Or not. My lips are sealed, for the moment…

  10. I know that I am a little late to the discussion, but I have definite opinions here that I want to share.

    As far as awards go, I made my position very clear a while ago. I will accept all awards that are given in good faith. I will post them once a month or so and give them out when I when it feels right for me. I will never give in to the pressure to give the awards back out or to accept tags that don’t feel right for me. I will also, never pressure anyone to tag others when accepting a tag of mine. It’s that type of pressure that can cause blog authors to implode and end up exiting the blogesphere. If blogging isn’t fun any more, then why continue. Pressure, which is always, whether we know it or not, self-inflicted. We can always choose not to accept the pressure.

  11. Hi MMP-
    Never too late to the party, here. I think if everyone did what you do, I wouldn’t have had a topic. So I agree with your way of handling awards!

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