15 comments on “Tag, You’re It?

  1. Yes it was a great thrill to win Bestest blog for my blogs, and when the I won the Rising blogger, I was ecstatic. Bestest was a great site to meet other bloggers in a comfortable atmosphere–if you get what I mean. Before I found Bestest blog, blogging was just writing in a computerized diary.

    I never thought I’d win a Rising Blogger award though, because it awards a post, so I never thought anything I would write would ever make it for consideration.

    I do appreciate the work people have done in making these awards and badges, but you are right that they do lose meaning if they become a tag game.

    The work you have done on your side bar to get your favorite blogger’s banners as links in your side bar is a wonderful thought, a great award in it’s own right, and I’m pleased to be included among that list.

  2. Frank-
    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Yea, I know I over did it and the point real isn’t about The Rising Blogger. Even if TRB didn’t exist I believe I would have come to thic conclusion about tag awards. But, hey I could be wrong. It has happened before…

  3. I see your point here Bud. I never expect anyone to do awards if they don’t want to participate. I’ve given you lots of them because you are on my buddy list. I’ve never taken offense for folks that just don’t want to play along. Have a great day Bud. 🙂

  4. I love the cool badges people have taken the time to give me–some are generic like the “rocking girl” but some are specialized and I really appreciate them.

    I’ve got them all stored somewhere.

    As for the ‘awards” deals–some are just fun interaction, some are pure popularity and a couple–rising blogger included –are actually based on merit.

    I enjoy my expanded blog ‘universe’ but I don’t measure my worth or the worth of my blog by these things.

    I do however appreciate very much your inclusion of my blog in your list of ‘Blogs That Matter”.

  5. Wait I was just about to give you the “You are near the end of my blog reading day” award

    Given to those who, alphabetically come near the end. Then I can reverse read and give those at the top the award, because they would be at the end since I started at the end of the alphabet instead of the beginning – which i did today, which is why you are at the end and got the award…

    Wait…you mean you do not want it?

  6. Well-written post. I know this has been “percolating” for some time. Here’s my take: Bestest Blog brought many of us together. It was really the first awards site I’d heard of and winning it (at the time) was considered a great honor in the blogosphere. Writing for Bobby taught me alot about reviewing, blog merit, categorizing blogs, and introduced me to some fabulous people along the way who are still blog friends today – almost two years later. As Frank, Turnbaby, and others have chimed in, I find that the support and “friendship” among bloggers is (usually) genuine. We are an unusual and eclectic slice of society and unlike most cul-de-sacs anywhere in the world. We leave the light on twenty-four seven and visit when we please. Ain’t it grand? Where else in the universe can you find a tape radio station, a dungeon, hilarious daily comedy (on the “plus” size), blogtalk radio entrepreneurs pitching in to help their friends make their shows successful, engaging conversations, support when our lives fall apart, praise when we need it, permission to rant, cry, moan, be silly…and most of all, the freedom to say what we want to say and be heard by our peers, our neighborhoods, our blogging buddies.

    I do think that people -especially folks like Sandee- genuinely enjoy passing on awards. Her site is a warm, friendly place and anything I receive via Comedy Plus (as well as others) is greatly appreciated because I know she considers her blog buddies important in her life. She also can be seen out there encouraging others in the blogosphere on a daily basis and “making the rounds”. A real sweetheart…and anyone who knows her knows that she is genuine. You and I have discussed how much we appreciate her daily visits and support. I could mention many others as well.

    And then there are sites cropping up that pass out awards for link bait and for no other reason. It means absolutely nothing. The word “friend” is tossed around too soon and it cheapens the meaning, not to mention sends out a strangely false sense of cheeky cheer. These sites are not hard to recognize. Faux awards go with faux blogs. You just get a false sense about them. There is no substance to the blog, no premise except competition for a badge. I don’t think that’s what blogging in this community is about. At least that is the dividing line I see. It is up to the individual blogger to accept, decline, particate or not. If that sort of thing means something to you, then fine. If not, ignore it.

    I have received awards from blogs that I have no intention of displaying because of the intent behind it, some that come suspiciously out of the blue. Those I toss and ignore. Sometimes I accept them and later remove them upon further review. My blog “intuition” (thank God) is getting better the longer I blog.

    I don’t think we’ve “lowered our collective intelligence” unless that is ALL our blog is about. For me, it is all about motivation.

    You are spot on with this post, if for no other reason than to verbalize what many of us needed to put into words. You did it Weiser-style and we love that too. (as Lori said in her crack-me-up comment) Thank you for saying what you mean. We wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

    Awards: I am choosing to ignore those awards that come to me from bloggers who know nothing about me or my blog personality, or are not passed on through the community in which I travel by someone in the chain I trust. As my blog grows I will have to reassess those “awards” that land in my mailbox carefully from time to time. Having said that, I know that some of the awards I’ve received were milestones in my blogging career/history (like Bestest Blog,Best Writing, A-list blogger, Making-A-Difference, Best Love Story, Brain Building Award, etc.) that mean a lot to me even now, as well as badges received from people who knew I specifically could use a lift or who credited a particular post, or who just wanted to say “I acknowledge your friendship” because I care. Those people know who they are and they will remain. I am housing those on a separate site simply for logistical reasons as the list grows as naturally happens when you blog for a long time. I appreciate those people so much.

    Sometimes I choose to hold an award for awhile and only pass it along to someone else when I see something really deserving or when someone makes my day with a particular post, or maybe someone who needs encouraging along the way. I have many of those in the queue just waiting. And then there are days I feel like saying “thank you” to those on my blogroll who stop by and visit me. I love encouraging NEW bloggers as well. I remember what it felt like for me at the beginning when I got my first award.

    In that sense, I am proud of the work we started with Judd on the Rising Blogger. I love encouraging and bringing attention to excellent writing.

    Awards are nice if they are sent with the right intention. But what really lights my fire as a blog writer? COMMENTS. I know someone is listening, critiquing, supporting. Love it!

    I do think Big Bang has value in that it exposes your blog to so many other people and vice versa. In that,it has been wildly successful. If you want more readership (and don’t we all?)then that can’t be a bad thing, as it was never tauted as anything BUT a way to increase traffic. I appreciate the honesty of that approach.

    (I know this comment has become a post….but I shall continue…..I hope I don’t break your comment box…)The other big “voting-type awards” sites are really just how many folks you can get to click through for you on any given day. It is not about content, it is not about anything but a badge. But I do think that if you care about getting people to read what you have to say and build a reputation as a writer (like me), a humor blog (like you) as many other hardworking bloggers will tell you what it means when your readership increases – you sometimes need to do those linky things. That can be a separate facilitator for the success of your blog. Awards are an entirely different thing that should be doled out for merit (and “friendship” in my book, if it is genuine, is highly merited) as long as the award means what it actually says to the recipient and sent by the blogger with pure intentions. The point I’m TRYING to make is….where it comes from and the motivation behind it is what matters to me.

    I think what you’ve managed to say quite well is that support and loyalty mean something – even in the cyber world. There are people in my blog life that mean so much to me.
    With a few obvious exceptions, I think that generally we’re a warm-spirited bunch with well-meaning intention. I do know how much blogging means to you personally. You take tender loving care of your blog, as is evidenced by the wonderful buttons you’ve made in the sidebar. I’ll stop now….

    And lastly, I want to know if Vinny has gotten to the middle yet so that I can get an award too!!
    That’s so not fair.

  7. After reading Mimi’s comment…. there isn’t much more I can add to that. She has it covered.
    My awards are kept on a separate page.. as a sign of friendship. Do I take them seriously… of course not. The only award I ever took seriously was The Rising Blogger and that is kept on the main page.
    When I tag it’s always optional. I even warn friends ahead of time that they’re being tagged and to ignore me :)))
    This is a really good post Bud. There’s a lot of controversy about tagging and a lot of people feel just like you do.
    I may DO tag but it doesn’t mean I always enjoy it 😉

  8. I’m from mybloglog – you added me as a contact. I’m glad you did ’cause I like your site. You make a good point here on awards. I was so honored the first time somebody gave me an award, ’cause it meant something. Then after a few months of blogging, I was getting them out of the blue just because I was a regular visitor of somebody’s site, not because I really deserved it. A great blog friend (though I love to visit his site and he has so much “soul” so to speak) gave me every award he had gotten from all his blog buddies. It took away the true meaning of being awarded…a gift. All in all, however, I’m still happy I have so many awards. It makes me look good. So nothing I say here really matters. *giggling*

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