12 comments on “Come Early and Often


    Let it be known to all bloggers near and far that Bud Weiser DID in fact, not only give me the meme, but wrote and personally requested that I start it on my blog as Queen of Memes. Yes, it’s true! He is responsible for the Band Meme explosion that thereafter took place – and what an explosion it was – I have thanked him privately and publicly (repeatedly) and yet there are STILL bloggers out there who do not understand that The Band Memedid indeed come from this very WTIT Tape Radio Station to Bloggingham’s doorstep. It was a great idea, he knew it would be and I’m so glad I listened to him (that has not always been the case but this time I actually listened…ahem) I am still getting CD covers to add to the list even now. What fun it has been and continues to be.

    So, Mimi Queen of Memes, humbly bows to your meme vibe. Your instincts were off the charts with this one. And I publicly thank you for giving it to me. Bud Weiser’s post The Band Meme: WTIT Style

    So let it be written.
    So let it be done.

    (Gosh. I’ve always wanted to say that somewhere……)

  2. Your Majesty,

    I as a loyal subject thank you for the proclaimation. Now can you make me a knight or something?

  3. Thanks for the The Band Meme Mimi. Bwahahahahahaha, I couldn’t help myself Bud.

    I recognize my comment and I’m telling you that black dress is GROSS. And I threw a little bit again. Great job Bud. 🙂

  4. You’re welcome, Sandee.
    Bwwaahhaaahhahaa…..couldn’t help myself either. OK. I’ll stop and and behave myself. Maybe.


  5. Sandee-
    You got that band meme credit down pat! And you were SO right about that pic. It was even WORSE before I said, “Off with her head”, or perhaps the Queen said that. Mimi, you still here???

  6. Here’s hoping that Queen Mimi gives you that knighthood you’ve requested and you can change your signature to “Sir Bud of Blog” or some such thing!

    As for that Band Meme, regardless of who started it, it most definitely turned out to be quite the meme and quite popular. Perhaps we need more like it rather than those lame “Eight Things About Yourself” that no one really cares about that go around constantly.

  7. Linda-

    I totally agree with you. I don’t find some seriously answering random questions very amuzing. That’s why I don’t treat memes seriously…

  8. Dear Monday Morning Power:

    Just the thought of Monday morning is enough to make me hurl. And yet it is your name… I will check it out…

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