8 comments on “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

  1. Blowing In The Wind is one of those songs that gets stuck in my head for days. And only the last two lines of it. On and on and on until I finally say, STOP! Just give me the answer, will ya?

    And am I seeing double? That is so cool. The feature header is well done.

  2. Mims-

    I got carried away with doing the reflection thing. It wasn’t even what I was attempting to do, as I was just trying to fit in “5 Random Songs” into that logo page, and thought of doing mirror because I had actually visualized it. So I did it. I am not even sure how…

  3. What Mimi said is just what I was thinking (Blowing in the Wind being stuck in my head for days comment). I do like all these though. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Again. Have a great day Bud. 🙂

  4. And Leadbelly called his version “In New Orleans’..

    many songs have nebulous origins…passed down from father to son back in the day before recorded music and artists putting their own twists and adding words…

    Excellent 5 there Bud

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