12 comments on “They Came and Took Me Away

  1. Dawn-

    That was the only part that went well. It was just the rigid strict conservative atmosphere that I had a problem with. My son Ben went to the same school, now coed for a zillion years, and loved it…

  2. Maybe Oxford School was founded in 1909?

    I wonder whether KO would pay for the advertising on your tombstone? And how much advertising we could sell.

    Here lies Bud Weiser. Brought to you by the King of Beers, rest in peace!

  3. I just can’t see you in a private all male school. I really can’t. Bwahahahahaha. Well, at least you survived. Have a great day Bud.

  4. Heath-

    Yes, that is the Oxford date. The ads sound good. I ripped off WC Field whom hate Philly. On his tombstone it read, “All in all, I’d rather be in Philadelphia…”

  5. Sandee-

    As bad as it sounds, it was worse. I went into acting because we did that with the all girls school that eventually merged with Kingswood…

  6. Starr-

    Not exactly. My public high school was huge and I just knew a lot of girls. It wasn’t as though I was “it”. It was that I was better than prep school guys who hadn’t actually talked to a girl.

    Hry, but I wasn’t bad at it either… 🙂

  7. I’m with Sandee, it’s hard to imagine how you survived. The acting was a good idea though…LOL

    Great post~


  8. Well then, I’m glad you posted this story again.

    My parents one pondered sending me to an all-girls school. Um.. no. But you might have liked it ;).

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