12 comments on “Just a Trot on a Horse

  1. I can’t say I like your 13 months of winter Bud. I’ll pass. Have a great time with sonny boy and good luck you your daughter with her eating disorder.

    About the horse…well, I think you covered it nicely. Bwahahahah. Have a great day Bud. 🙂

  2. Sandee-
    Winter is not for the weak of heart. I am taking James out to dinner, so it should be fun. No horse though….

  3. WTIT: The Next Generation is an interesting concept. Will they have their own blog too?

    I know you’ll have a great time tonight. Quality time with James is just what the doctor ordered. Have fun!

  4. I agree – you can’t ruin January… I’m freezing my ass off here in the North Atlantic :))
    Good luck with the stress test and have a great time with your son!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those signs. In southern California I see a lot of signs with sillhouettes of Mexican people running across the road.

  6. Are you sure that’s a horse and not a jackass? I mean, it would make sense if it were a jackass and was referring to keeping them off the highways. Not that it’s working if that’s the case but still … it’s a thought!

    Hope you had a great dinner out with James tonight and that the recent bout of suck-moose weather didn’t put too much of a damper on things!

  7. Kinda like winter in Montreal…

    Glad you get to spend time with that cutie of yours!

    Um.. so how’d the test go?

  8. Hi Anndi-

    Thanks for asking. A-OK. Exactly what it should be. And James and I did dinner last night. Great time.

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