8 comments on “Where Do I Send You My Picture?

  1. Vinny-
    You do get to know someone’s writing patterns out here…

    I got the pics. I’ll wait till after the holidays to post them…

  2. I think you need a few new commenters. They’re all starting to sound like the same person. Oh gosh…they ARE the same person. Well, almost. I’ll write Lola and suggest she visit more often. Would you like that? It could make this feature even more interesting.

    Maybe Lola will send you a nice Christmas present this year. She owes you so much. Fame…notoreity….stardom….migraines….

  3. Thanks Mims! I actually had enough for a part 3, but I will hold off and do them next week.

    And yes, a lot were from the same person. When the lobb the ball you should be able to hit it…

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