7 comments on “Life is Short, Party Naked!

  1. A family crisis always seems doubly worse during the holiday season as it’s such a stressful time of the year anyway.

    Good luck and hang in there!

  2. Vinny-

    Just kidding. I was refering to your “you have a lot of laws” comment!


    Thanks. They do seem to come at the holidays, don’t they?

  3. Hey Vinny-

    I promise no snap quizs. But the laws aren’t rules. They are more mathmatical. There is a certain percentage people who just don’t get it.

    That said, I know you are coreect…

  4. I’m missing, cryptic, naughty and up-to-no-good as usual. In fact, if anyone crosses me this week, I may make their life a living hell. Not speaking to you specifically Bud, just sayin’ (God, I hate that phrase).

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