6 comments on “Totally Naked Volleyball

  1. Sean Bean was 006 opposite Pierce Brosnan. He was also Boromir in the JRR Tolkien movies. I didn’t see the later, but I thought he was a pretty good Bond villain.

    I’ll bet since you referenced Jill and had a picture of random topless brunette volleyball player (she looks like she might fall on those legs like a baby giraffe) that picture will circulate the Internets as Jill eventually.

    I filled my tank this week and it was $2.83/gallon, just in case you have to report that back to Lola.

  2. I actually remejmber hinm well from Lord of the Rings. As big a Bond fan that I am, I woiuld not have beem able to guess the film…

  3. Ah yes, Heath! Golden Eye it t’was. I’m missing my copy of The World is Not Enough. I hope that Thursday night date didn’t swipe it. When she said she wanted to be Pierced, it never occured to me that she meant Brosnan. I was thinking she meant her nose or something…

  4. I read question number 5 several times and I just couldn’t follow. But your answers, as always, are great 🙂

  5. Teeje-
    It tas a “Do you want to see a movie?” and I was trying to say that I would love to see a movie of Lola asking an intelligent question. Your review is true, I really made NO sense…

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