11 comments on “Go, Gale, Go. See Bud Write.

  1. You were supposed to write atrociously, you big lug. 🙂 These weren’t THAT bad at all.

    And I’ve already done mine. Hop on over and take a look. It’s Monday’s entry.

  2. Lizza-
    My bad. I have now checked out your writing. You are correct. I am not sure with my own writing I know good and bad…

  3. I liked them both, but really got a kick out of the last one. All the UPS men are hot around here. Works for me. Have a great day Bud. 🙂

  4. Aaaaaah… oooooh… I´m going to place my big butt in front of the front door right now – to wait for the UPS guy =)

    Come and see mine!

  5. Hey, Bud! The second installment of putrid purple prose gives new meaning to the phrase, “What can brown do for you?” Thanks for being such a good sport. You made my day!!!

  6. Hey Bud, honestly this was supposed to be bad writing – not good stuff! You can check mine out here if you’d like and trust me it was truly bad!

    I gotta wonder why we all seemed to pick “romance” as one of our genres??

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