8 comments on “Are Those Really Your Feet?

  1. Sometimes it is the journey, not the destination.

    Never thought of that in the context of threesomes. 😀 Oh, you are so enlightening sometimes.

  2. Lizza-

    My first response was ugly even by MY low standards. Then it hit me. Enlightenment. Or just a stupid response…

  3. What is it with men and sisters and twins anyway? It is amazing how little women understand men. Most men spend a lifetime searching for that perfect threesome that will never come. Sometimes it is the journey, not the destination.


    It’s amazing how little men understand women. There are women who also search for this Holy Grail 😉

    Interestingly I happen to be married to one of the few men in the universe it seems who is not at all turned on by the thought of a threesome. Go figure.

  4. Turnbaby-

    When I was married I said that as well. Bring a girlfriend home for you a threesome. See how fast he has an epiphany…

    As far as woman’s fantasys go, I’ll admit I find it hard to comment. In all my years I think 2 woman in actually honest about the question…

  5. Vin-
    You are safe, I know what you mean. Go to your ATM. Take out the money. Head to a strip club. Enjoy!

    (PS. Before I get nasty emails from all the strippers, I am kidding.)

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