6 comments on “Breaking the Guinness World’s Record

  1. Oh, oh, I did this meme too! But it’s nowhere near as funny as yours. 😦

    I love Notting Hill and John Lennon was a childhood idol of mine (loved the Beatles too).

    You’re a Beatles fan (and you like theater too, if I remember correctly). Anyway, you might enjoy this if you haven’t seen it already. I love it.

  2. Lizza-
    I am THE Beatles fan. (Mimi can attest to this.) John was my “hero” for his peace work and of course music. I got a BIG kick out of the Shakespeare bit! Thanks!

  3. Dad, you forgot The Big Chill. Well until it gets weird and Kevin Kline sleeps with Mary Kay Place.

  4. Heath-
    You are right. I was going to watch it with Mimi (she hasn’t seen it) but it didn’t happen. Maybe in June…

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