13 comments on “The Grooved Pavement Capital

  1. You had better be careful, Karen. The Hockey Gods have got your husband’s soul. Or you guys are HUGE Sabres fans. Oh right. I heard you cheer. Yes, he is yours. We hope he is housebroken.

  2. *laughs* I have to admit all the posts about our odd blended family have been hilarious. “The bald guy who never said hi” is Morty AKA Poppy.

    Note to expectant parents out there: Never let your parents pick what they want to be called. You end up with things like Tutu, GG, and Poppy. You realize, Dad, you have the distinguished honor of not having to have your relationship explained when Lauren talks about “Grampie Weiser”…the rest of the time, Lauren has to say things like “Tutu isn’t a skirt I wear, she’s my grandma”.

  3. First you and Mimi make a terrific looking couple. Thanks for sharing a personal part of your life. Loved the truck stop part. Lovely family.

  4. Wow – that was quite the long list in your first paragraph disclaimer!

    Loved your version and Mimi’s both – it’s so nice to get different sides to the same story!

  5. Heath-

    I think I know who Morty is. He and I visited. We always chat. The bald guy was from NYPD Blue.

  6. Bud – The party was special and memorable. The ride home was priceless. Can’t wait to make more memories. You do keep me laughing.


  7. Ohh. You mean Uncle Warren. He used to be a tax attorney for the IRS. He decided one day that he really didn’t need heart medication. About a month later, he had a stroke. He’s never been the same.

    No, I am not making this up.

  8. But when Mimi covered half her face…. it was the wrong half… and Heather still recognized her… WOW Heather you are good!

    I still think ya shoulda done the kissy kissy in the tunnel

  9. Vinny-
    Would you believe there was a debate amoung my daughter’s blogger friends as to which half? I am saying “People get a grip. It’s a photo for a joke on my blog.” By the time a took the shoot someone was shouting “No the right side!” The response? “My right or your right?”

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