8 comments on “The Ball

  1. I remember how touched I was the first time you told me this story. I’m so glad you wrote it down for the blogosphere to read as well. It is well done.

    Ben is a remarkable young man and so lucky to have had the unconditional love and support of a remarkable father – that would be you.

  2. Ben is really a good son and lucky to have a father like you. Wishing him a very happy Birthday! I really liked the photos and the video.

  3. What a great story and great remembrances of a child who grew up so quickly. It’s so hard to imagine that time goes by as fast as it does until you’re standing on the other side of 30 years and wondering how on earth you got there without realizing it.

    Your son sounds like a wonderful guy – I wish him many more happy birthdays!

  4. Mims-
    You know the joys and ups & downs of parenting. It is good when things go well.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    It does go SO fast. Thanks!

  5. BUD:

    An excellent post honoring your wonderful son. Thank you for sharing that with us and for the great pictures.

    And a Yankee fan as well… the world is all good!

    I still shake my head that my Matt is no longer a teen.

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