17 comments on “Mustard and Dogs

  1. OK, OK … UNCLE!!

    I drop in often enough for a few laughs I might as well add you to my blog roll.

    I’ll just have to remind myself to turn the volume down so I’m not blown out of my easy chair by the music. Or … is that your plan?

  2. My personal favorite is number 7, with the exception that I prefer Tequila. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  3. Bob-
    I will add you as well. No, I don’t use music to blow you out of your chair. I do agree it would be better if I could turn it down.

  4. Loved this one Bud. I may have to steal it. I can’t name my kids though, I use numbers … #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6.

  5. Bud – You are on a roll. Hopefully your Yanks will be too. If not, I promise to console you later.

    Favorite answer. Is the Pope a Nazi?

  6. Does one really have to choose between vodka and tequila? Stoli or Patron?

    I wonder what question 30 was actually supposed to say…”Did you name…” and “What are the names…” make sense, but “Can you name…” the answer has to be Yes or No.

    Dr B: Jules has a strict policy against dating fake doctors. But don’t feel bad. She also doesn’t date fake attorneys or fake meter men.

  7. 31. Do you have a favorite blog to read? My own. Truthfully answer a question like this and you’ve just pissed off half your readers.

    So you have only 2?


  8. Dr. B-
    I can’t improve on Heather’s answer.

    Smirnoff. Not Stoli. And no only JB has to choose.

    Thanks, as always. Hope your weekend went well!

    I’m lucky if I have two readers~!

  9. Anndi-
    I guess I have never been accused of modesty. “Wise-ass” lots. Your welcome for the laughs and thanks for stopping by.

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