7 comments on “If She Only Had A Brain

  1. Of course, I’m going to stop in to catch this post, Bud. You never disappoint. It’s a great thing Lola is such a moron. It lends so much to your responses.

  2. LOL –where would you be if she had any clue?

    And I must say this–cause i love this kind of geeky stuff–I am listening to Music Choice on my digital cable–the Adult Alternative channel–god that sounds deliciously naughty–but I digress. The thing is–as soon as I clicked on your blog Coldplay came on–playing Clocks!

    Cool beans

  3. I tried to get into this, but I will not post on my site.. and she will not post my comments so.. I just come here and laugh at your responses…

  4. Vin-

    She has NO sense of humor. Let’s face it, if she weren’t nuts it wouldn’t be funny.

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