13 comments on “Welcome to G.I.S. Bank

  1. Dear Anonymous – Have you just noticed that this blog is stupid? Where have you been?

    He not only makes up people, he makes up places. I think we should boot him off the internet. I’m calling the blog police right now. Don’t go away, Anonymous.

    Watch him while I’m gone.

    11:17 PM

  2. Anony 1: How does being in LA make you know about New England banks.

    Anony 2: Be carefu;. I can make you up and then poof!

  3. Are you still here???! I thought they were coming to take you away.

    I really need better connections in this town.


  4. Ooops…..Disregard that last comment. Pay no attention to th at comment behind the half-picture. Someone is impersonating Mimi Lenox here. The horro.The shame. The agony.

    Long Live the Queen.

  5. *laughs out loud* Wow. I’m impressed. That was like Laurel and Hardy good. You got to take that routine out for a walk more often…

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