7 comments on “Waiting for the Train Wreck

  1. What a fun blog, Bud!

    I linked you up, too. Any friend of Queen Mimi is most certainly a friend of mine. Woohoo! ;p

    See you again soon!

  2. Bud and Mimi; Great review. How could you get cancelled? You’re better than the show was last night; by a long shot.

    Simon was tame, he must’ve been on valium.

    I liked Big Bird, but you know I have a soft spot for the crazy ones.

    The foul-mouthed bitch that couldn’t sing was very funny. Had to be a setup. Nobody could be that lame and think they would great; right?


  3. Stu-
    Agreed. A set up for sure. Our problems is the time deadline to write and publish. It’s WAY too much crunch time. We are going to use the same format, but to do something that doesn’t have to have a 9PM start time to write.

    I am too old for that crap.

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